Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Forza 2 : 2002 Dunkin' Doughnuts Toyota Soarer

My favorite Xbox360 game is Forza Motorsports 2. I have played a lot of racing games, and this one is as good as it gets. You can chose from driving hundreds of cars, make thousands of performance modifications, and drive on a couple dozen tracks. You can race against computer drivers or real people on Xbox live.

The game has a very original feature that is populated exclusively with user content. It has a build-in "paint shop" where people can create custom artwork for their cars. All car paint schemes can only be created with the tools within the Forza 2 paint shop. Uploading of pictures or clipart into the game is not allowed. Inside the Forza 2 online auction house, users can buy and sell each others cars. None of the sales are with "real" money. The transactions are all in the fantasy "Forza 2" in-game credit currency.

I have almost 200 cars in my Forza 2 career garage. I have bought many cars in the auction house. I was browsing through my garage the other day, and I realized that I have a lot of really cool looking cars that I have completely forgotten about. So I had the idea to occasionally showcase some of my cooler cars to help refresh my memory.

Above is the 2002 "Dunkin Doughnut's" Toyota Soarer. I think my sister-in-law Kim should consider repainting her Honda CRV to match this car! I remember when I saw this car for sale how funny it would be to see Kim in this car, at the crack of dawn, zipping around town, making a doughnut run!

I took these pictures in the game, on a real-life race track. If you think you know the track, tell me in the comments. Special bonus points to the first person who can give my nickname for the area behind the car in the top picture.


Ambrosia Chiller said...

What kind of bonus points do I actually get for a correct guess? I think the track in question is the glorious Road American in Elkhart Lake, WI. My guess for the nicknamed part of the track is "Pork Chop Hill." Let me know if I'm right!

kpg said...