Friday, December 19, 2008

Peekay Entered in AKC Sheep Herding Trial

Alpharetta, GA - Confirmation has been received that the entry of The Power of One Vom Grunenfeld CD RE HSAs, aka "Peekay" has been accepted and she will compete in the North Georgia All Breed Herding Dog Association's American Kennel Club Herding Trial on December 27th and 28th. The Trial is to be held at Woods End Farm in Watkinsville, GA. The 58 lb black-and-red German Shepherd Dog will be competing in the "Herding Intermediate A Course Sheep" class.

On Saturday morning December 27th, Peekay will be running under judge Cathy Hartley. and has drawn the pole position. Overall she will be the 4th of 50 dogs to run and the 1st of 8 dogs in the HI A Course Sheep class. It is estimate our run will commence at about 8:30 AM.

On Sunday morning December 28th, Peekay will be running under judge Sandra Lindenmuth, and has drawn the #6 hole. Overall she will be the 23rd of 50 dogs to run, and the 6th of 9 dogs in the "HI A Course Sheep class. It is estimated that Peekay's run on Sunday will commence at about 11:15 AM.

The holder of an outstanding 7 American Kennel Club Titles ( 1 Obedience Title, 3 Rally Obedience Titles, and 3 Herding Titles), Peekay looks to add her 8th title at this trial. A qualifying run on either day will earn her the coveted Herding Intermediate Sheep title. To date Peekay has competed in the HI A Course Sheep class 4 times, and has earned a qualifying score twice. Neither her stablemate "Lauda" or her predecessor "Unser" have ever competed in the Herding Intermediate Class, let alone have had a qualifying run.

Peekay has been working very well in practice, and the team is optimistic for a good results on this last weekend of December. Her outruns have been outstanding and has consistent explosive tactical speed. Her work drive is second to none. We'll keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Speed is good --- Staying is Better!