Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Forza 2 : 2004 Tom & Jerry Ferrari F430

Tom and Jerry was one of my favorite childhood cartoons. Growing up in western Massachusetts in the 70s, classic Tom and Jerry was on local TV in the afternoons after schools. I have warm memories of the days when we couldn't play outside. We would sit in front of the TV and watching Jerry beat the crap out of Tom with sledge hammers, grenades, anvils, and my personal favorite TNT. Somehow Jerry always managed to get Tom to pick up or eat a stick of TNT. He would take ghoulish pleasure in pushing down the plunger and watching Tom blow himself in a pile of chard fur.

You just had to admire Tom though. We never learned of Tom's back story. He was always drawn like a cat that lived with a nice family. Instead of laying around and sleeping all day, he took his job of getting rodents out of the house serious. He acted as if Jerry was his last best hope at a meal.

Tom was relentless, but all too predictable. His usual move was to lie in wait outside of Jerry's mouse hole -- you know that stereotypical 180% Gothic arch that looked like it was built by Frank Loyd Wright? Tom would always play to Jerry's weakness -- cheese. Now I like cheese, some may even say I love cheese. Heck, if I ever get another Border Collie, I'm going to name him "Cheese". But there's no easy way to put it, Jerry had an addiction. Jerry would lose himself momentarily, and stumble into what ever trap Tom had laid out for him. But luckily for Jerry, Tom had the mechanical aptitude of, umm, well, of a cat and his contraptions predictably backfired every time.

Without exception, I like my Ferrari's painted in classic red. When I saw this car in the Forza 2 auction house it brought back too many good memories. The artwork on this car is spot on. I can't imagine how much time someone spent drawing this. It must have been days. I present to you, "The Tom and Jerry Ferrari F430".

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