Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The 3 Gap 50 - Wolf Pen Gap

Below is the video of our descent of Wolf Pen Gap from the 3 Gap 50. If you are reading this from your email application,most likely there is no embedded video viewer. Click here to view.

The descent was fast and twisty. I followed Jim's lead on this descent and used the entire lane. There were a couple fast left/right switchbacks, and decreasing radius turns. Leaving an extra margin for error was well advised. For most of the descent we were both traveling at speeds at or above the posted speed limit.

The Climb up Wolf Pen Gap was steep and slow. It took us 32 minutes to cover the 2.8 miles to the summit. Jethro Bodine from "The Beverley Hillbillies" would take his 3rd grade education and cypher this information to compute a mere 5.25 mph average. Over this distance we climbed 1050 feet for an average elevation grade of a staggering 7.1%.

For the segment of the descent covered in this video, we road 2.2 miles in only 6 minutes (22 mph avg). The descent was 590 feet, which computes to an average descent grade of 5.1%.

Before clicking the video, don't forget safety first. Strap on your helmet and enjoy the ride! Speed is good!

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