Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome to my Blog !

Hello World,

Welcome to my first post on my first blog. I'm still not sure I'll have the discipline to be a regular, but when I friend approached me with the idea of having a blog, it sounded like an interesting idea. To be quite honest I was flattered that at least 1 person might be interested in something I have to say.

I have one objective with this blog - "Don't Be Boring". When I have something interesting to share, and if I'm in the mood to write it down hopefully I'll be able to muster enough motivation to post it. I enjoy taking photos and making videos. I have the attention span of a 5 year old, so don't be surprised if there are more pictures in this blog than words!

This past Sunday, my friend Jim and I took part in the 19th annual New York City Century bike ride. In a little over 9 hours of actual time in the saddle (11 hours of total time), we rode our trusty Trek 7300s 104 miles through Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. I took this picture just after sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge leaving Manhattan.

If I was to be "boring" I would now tell you about all the grand plans I have about posting a detailed recount of the ride, along with videos, photos, GPS track files, and audio logs. I would then beg you to check back often for this post you know will never come. Doing that would be about as lame as visiting a website with those stupid "under construction" animated gif files. If I was to be President for a day, I would sponsor legislation to ban all "under construction" clip art. You ever notice that people simply can't post a single "under construction" sign. No, they have to turn the page into a clip art museum. But I digress.

I just noticed there are a lot of words on this page. I'll leave you with one more photo from NYC. Here's an "artsy" photo taken of Jim riding past the Ed Sullivan Theater (Home of David Letterman's "The Late Show") on Broadway. It's really a bad photo that one can showcase and then pretend that it was the result I was looking for to "capture the moment".


tracikay said...

Yeah! Yes see I have already read it and it only leaves me wanting more. You have such great stories, and you are right.... you like taking pictures and making videos... and I know this is going to be fun. I look forward to reading more!

Ambrosia Chiller said...

That was an interesting read but nowhere do you mention Battlestar Galactica. Sad.